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The E-System…

Over the next 10 days, a lot is going to fall in place. First, we have the FED meeting which should have few surprises, another 0.75 hike in the FED funds rate, to get it in line with market forecasts….Continue Reading →

A Little Perspective

Keep in mind that all of the 2022 market action to date is because the FED is trying to correct a mistake they made, not a problem in the economy. Consumer demand generally remains solid, supply has been the problem.


“Instability” is Jerome Powells middle name. Over the past two years I have repeatedly pointed out that on August 10, 2020, the FED had the information that told them to stop QE. Now on September 27, 2022, they had the…Continue Reading →

Turning Point…

The retest of the June lows has been messy, but was probably to be expected as 11 years of artificial markets are seeing their sunset. During the bottoming process, which started on May 11th, market players have not been looking…Continue Reading →

New Timing Mark

I like to tie technical analysis to evolving starting points, simply because that is how you get meaningful information. Over the past couple of years here are the timing marks that I see as key. Bubble start point 8/7/20 Bubble…Continue Reading →