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We introduced this site on January 22, 2008. A confluence of events had made it apparent that we should go beyond the occasional emails that we had sent out over the past five years that have focused on the forces affecting the markets, the economy, and the political arena. Our mantra has been and continues to be a contrarian / defensive posture towards investing. The results of this focus as it relates to investing performance will become apparent as you view portfolio performance figures over the past six years. At the moment we are not advisors or managers of client portfolios. Financial and political experience of the editor goes back some 43 years. Archives of email comments over the past five years will be included soon. We have waited some nine months to introduce this site as we didn’t want to have to fight the battle of being called gloom and doomers during a euphoric period in global economic history. Those that have followed our comments know where we have stood on the issues.

On January 29th 2008, we made some reorganization moves to simplify usage and add content to some of the background areas. The site is structured such that our most current analysis and an ARCHIVE of that analysis will appear in the LATEST ANALYSIS section. This section will be updated as information, sometimes daily, develops that affects our analysis. The POLITICAL TALK and GAME PLAN sections will also be updated as material develops. The other sections are kept current, and were updated for the reorganization effort, but are considered by us to be background content.

On January 30th 2008, we added a blog, labeled BLOG / LATEST COMMENTS.  It allows us to update information/comments on a more timely basis. Please note that update times on the main home page may not reflect recent blog posts as it is a separate module.  Information from past blogs may be followed in the blog archives or if information is of a background nature, it may be copied to appropriate main site area.

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