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Still Fence Sitting

 I am back from a week with the medicine man and have even more reason to sit on the fence and watch Europe.  At this point nothing seems to be resolved with the markets and this morning they all seem to…Continue Reading →

Cut and Dice

With the macro warning signals in stocks being set off last Friday the stock market now is a good candidate for short term traders going both ways.  What this means is that the macro bull signal from the October lows…Continue Reading →

Game Changer or Not

The G-8 meeting has the potential for being a road-map changer.  The biggest obstacle is now the German people, not their leader.  Europeans will meet in the next few days to put a captstone on the changes.  As such we…Continue Reading →

A Strange but Good Week

I have been waiting a long time to start the short T-Bond position that will be the biggest trade over the next ten years.  I don’t know whether this is the top or not in bonds, but down the road…Continue Reading →

Letter to Obama

While the macro indicators are still holding in this cross current area,  a two faceted combination of a Republican push to reenact last years summer deficit fight and European / Greek issues threaten to break down the market.  If that…Continue Reading →