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Catch Up Comments

The two lagging markets, gold and oil, finally got their push up into the area of annual resistance.  This kind of completes the picture.  Today, some of the commodities are giving computer system sell signals however the stock markets are…Continue Reading →

Dancing on the Ceiling

Usually activites like this will hurt your head.  We continue to look at the stock market as a sideways affair for this year with the lows only down 16 percent from current levels and only down 9 percent on the…Continue Reading →

Market Outlook Reviewed

While about half the markets we keep tabs on here have overshot their anticipated yearly ranges by two to three percent we maintain the low volatility outlook and will eventually produce new ranges with the bottom side pulled up by…Continue Reading →

Flawed Model

For those like me, watching the Administration and the Fed talk about the employment situation is sad.  The fact that the media and the public accept the pronouncements that go along the line ” it will be a long time…Continue Reading →