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One Trick Pony

This is a new week and what does the one trick pony do?  Buys assets because he thinks that the Fed and the Central Banks of the world will inflate us out of here.  That is the pony that galloped…Continue Reading →


If there is such a word, but anyway being a contrary investor takes a mindset that doesn’t require others to agree with you.  Most of the time few will agree with your market positions.  Yesterday was a good example of what happens…Continue Reading →

The Long Roll-IN

This is another day when I have nothing new to add to the assessment of economic and market conditions. A combination of a dysfunctional congress and European austerity is setting up the markets for a precipitous decline.  Market volume is light on the…Continue Reading →

Leftover Dynamics

 For me little jumps out on this Monday morning.  Stocks are retesting the recent highs as the Greek news is better.  Apple stock has gone parabolic in the past week, a sign that the rally is nearer the end than…Continue Reading →

Greek Resolution, Austerity now to be Applied

The market is excited this morning concerning the European situation, and yet now the austerity measures are about to wash over Europe.  I have to ask the question, what about austerity is bullish?