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This is the Week

This is the week that we find out if the weak unemployment and consumer confidence numbers mean anything.  The GDP numbers that come out on Friday should settle that debate.  The average forecast at the moment is + 2.5 percent,…Continue Reading →

Some Good News

While Washington continues to fight to the very end on the passing of the FinReg legislation, an amazing testament to the lack of willingness to work together to get our financial system back on track, yesterday something good thing happened in this…Continue Reading →

Breakout or Blowoff

Market action like we see today in multiple areas, stocks, dollar, oil, gold, and bonds rates are outside the box events and need to be treated appropriately.  At the moment in my short-term trading I view it as a blowoff….Continue Reading →

Waiting and Watching

With earnings reports coming out this week the market is waiting for the numbers.  The bounce last week was healthier than I expected and makes the next couple of weeks action important in terms of the direction prior to the…Continue Reading →