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For two years market players did not have to make a decision. Stocks always went up interest rates were always low. Now, today, no one knows what is next, even the FED, that is why flexibility is number one, watch…Continue Reading →


Continuing on with yesterday’s Flexibility theme and our post of last week outlining a potential move in the markets coming up, I am taking the flexibility position to a possible extreme with a short position in SPX and NDX this…Continue Reading →


That is the key word this week. While we see the potential for higher markets, see our post from last week on the Big Picture, the SPX market is touching a level, 4550 that may provide a little resistance as…Continue Reading →

Powell has it Backwards

Powell’s speech today illustrates why he is in the bind that he finds himself. He has been looking at the inflation problem as a short-term problem, we all have heard the infamous “transitory issue” phrase. Where he has missed the…Continue Reading →

Trading on a Knife Edge

With Friday’s SPX close over 4444, the market is poised to move higher albeit within an atmosphere with a lot of crosscurrents. Maybe four things stand out, 1) Ukraine, 2) Inflation numbers, 3) Economic Activity, 4) FED messaging. First Ukraine…..Continue Reading →