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No Question

If there was any question in your mind as to who is running the rally over the past few months, today’s market action on no news should provide the answer.  This is just a little professional raid to try and get…Continue Reading →

Positions at this Juncture

Our Aggressive Portfolio in the Marketocracy Tracking Portfolio is deflation oriented.  Of total net assets of 9.0 million dollars, 2.9 million of position face value is long various stocks and ETF’s in the areas of Green Technology, and Bio-tech, 16.0 million…Continue Reading →

Ramping Up Short Positions

We are aggressively ramping up our short positions to our max levels today.  Some was done before the Fed announcement, a little wrap-up at the moment.  This is a technical play that we have been waiting to execute.  We will…Continue Reading →

Where to Now?

We are staying with our comments of October 8th.  The 950 area on the S&P and Gold remain important areas to be tested, specifically the 944  to 963 area of the S&P.  The declines into that area will probably be…Continue Reading →