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No Warnings

Following up on our previous blog, “The Bear Market has not Started Yet” you see that the forces building another artificial bubble are at full strength. My biggest take away, in all these scenarios since year 2000, there were no…Continue Reading →

Nothing New Today

The market is kind of settling in to the bounce parameters. As we said yesterday. The high yield market is where the FED and Treasury are focused, mainly because they set up a way to infuse money there to try…Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Chaos

Was the negative oil price today an aberration or more or less an extension of the risks of a leveraged low (maybe even negative) interest rate structure. A structure that ferments extreme volatility and little reverence for value. Thinking outside…Continue Reading →

Sell the Fact

If the markets are smart today they will sell the fact. The recent runup from the fair value area at 2450 on the S&P to the 2850 area have been based around the rumor, perception, that Trump would try to…Continue Reading →