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Nothing to add Today

The direction described over the past few posts should generally continue.  Stocks are working towards the 1235 S&P swingpoint and gold continues its knee jerk rally action.

Big Consequences

Little things lead to big consequences over time.  What Bernanke didn’t say at Jackson Hole fall into that category.  The gold market has had a big run since April based on fear of many things.  The run started in the…Continue Reading →

Market Expectations……..with update

Here is the best thing that I have read this morning. From a longterm trend signal standpoint three signals are getting very mature: long gold, long t-bonds, and short dollar. Update: The extreme downward pressure on stock prices has…Continue Reading →

Summer Doldrums

After all the activity of the past 10 days, it would make sense to see the market go relatively dormant until after Labor Day.