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“Greenspan Put” Returns

It seems the market believes that the infamous “Greenspan Put” is now back in the form of the “Bernanke Put”.  What the term refers to is essentially that the FED will support whatever it takes to keep the market-makers in control. …Continue Reading →

Conflicting Issues

We see the FED still trying to play up the QE2 talk for Wall Street.  Huge bets have been placed in long bonds, gold, commodities, and speculative stock market positions which will unravel if the FED does not help them…Continue Reading →

Why are Investors Confused ?

 These are todays business headlines at Reuters:   Somebody needs a head exam, and it is probably Lockhart. China surprises with first rate rise since 2007 Fed’s Lockhart: Quantitative easing must be big Geithner vows U.S. will not devalue dollar

The Economists Dilemma

The dilemma of what to do.  While we wait for the mid-term elections and watch the QE2 debate maybe this article in yesterdays NYT  provides a good background.

The Last Bond Buyer

Who will be the last Treasury Bond buyer in an environment where the seeds of inflation are being sown?  Ben gave us the answer today.  What that means to me is that I wouldn’t want to be the last bond…Continue Reading →