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Followup to Yesterday’s Special Report

Two things front and center this weekend, both concerning the FED. First our Special Report : The Fed Backstory, October 30, 2021 – Eureka Perspectives ( And Steve Hanke’s CNBC interview:

Fun Times Return

The past 18 months have not been fun for Macro Value analysis. There has only been one story, Funny Money, no analysis needed. Things are changing. Yesterday we promised an interest rate study, it is still in progress but has…Continue Reading →

Smoke Screen

Today we get to witness the Power of the Big Money Elites. Economic numbers are negative but stocks make new highs. It is all a part of trying to exit a Bubble. Today we see GDP for the 3rd quarter…Continue Reading →

Recession vs Recovery

As we outlined two days ago, interest rate markets are weighing factors between Recession and Recovery, with Recession leading at the moment. Stocks only see Recovery. This will be resolved soon in a more definitive way. Update at 2:45 PM…Continue Reading →

Next, Simplifying

Following up on yesterday’s post, “It’s Complicated”, today we are showing our “Diffusion Index”. This measure is one I watch to gauge where we are in the Bubble Pop. It is quite simple. The index was set to “0” for…Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated

If you look under the fluff, one can see the forces pulling between a return to economic Recovery and a Recession. For instance The Chicago Economic activity index today showed a negative number for September. Bottom line, 10 year interest…Continue Reading →

Musical Chairs

The market over the past few months has been like that old game of being near a chair and not being the odd person out. Like should on this day you be in a certain stock sector or index or…Continue Reading →