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The Big Canary Speaks

Today looks like an extraordinary Hammer II. The S&P daily high price took out the high for September 23rd by three point 4471 vs 4468. More importantly the “The Big Canary”, interest rate adjusted FANG stocks, have now at 9:30…Continue Reading →

Lots of Bounce

Ten years of Funny Money, starting with Bernanke’s FED QE2 in October 2011, provide lots of bounce activity to the markets but do not negate what is evolving. Today we are seeing kind of a test of some solid moving…Continue Reading →

Split Decision

An early weekly view. The market technicals point to the fact that the market has topped, market traders however point to their view that nothing has changed and we are headed to new highs again. That should mean that we…Continue Reading →

Next Step, Wait for the Panic

So far the market is ignoring the danger. We may cover half of our short position for a bounce trade if we see panic, that would require an RSI of 18.00 or less, the low today is 36.00.