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Our Posture is Set

We are short gold and long the dollar and out of stocks.  Now we wait for Europe and Washington to get their ducks in a row.

Pulling to the Sidelines in Stocks

Today in our trading accounts we are selling out our modest long stock position.  Our core positions of  the long dollar and short gold will remain.

Gold / Dollar Ratio Makes the Flip

Yesterday the gold / dollar ratio basis the respective ETF’s completed a top rollover that started back on August, 9, 2011.  The peak on the ratio was on August 22, 2011 at 8.74 GLD / UUP.  Yesterday on the breakout…Continue Reading →

Get it Done, There are no Choices

 It is interesting that every other day investors decide that things are going to improve, and then the next day, things are not going to change.  The U.S. and Europe do not have a choice, they have to get their…Continue Reading →