Portfolio Positions for the Top completed this morning

With the rally to 1680 area on the S&P, decline to 128-22 on the December T-bond futures, and the decline to 1325 on gold, we have seen all of our position maximizing points hit.

The completed long cycle positioning of the portfolio in our Marketocracy Tracking Funds on a leverage basis is:

                 Total Leverage of Portfolios:                         2.85 

                 Short Stock Position Leverage                      2.01

                 Long T-Bond Position Leverage                  0.44

                 Long Gold Position Leverage                       0.25

                 Short Commodity Position Levrage          0.11

                 Long Dollar Position Leverage                   0.00

What this means is that for $ 1 million dollars in a portfolio we have 2.85 million dollars in a long/short exposure.  Most of this is in terms of leveraged ETF’s.

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