Two Market Problems

A lame duck President and an inept Treasury Secretary in the midst of a once in 72 year market crash make for a touchy situation.  CNBC pundits say this is a time to be cautious, there was a time to be cautious like when the S&P was at 1550 or maybe even better 1440, but 850, I don’t thing so.

We continue to approach the market in our Aggressive Portfolio from a long-term time frame and are 100 percent long as of yesterday.  The Conservative Portfolio is still waiting for the conservative buy signal which no doubt will be at significantly higer levels. Market viewers always ask, why do people sell at the very bottom, well things look terrible at the bottom.  And, according to the Wall Street Journal the investment class is scared of Barack…good, it is time for change.

7:50 AM CST

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