Two Choices Here

As I see it there are two choices here which our two Portfolio positions represent.  First we believe there will be a 30 percent rally from the 840 level on the S&P.  It will be a rally without warning, so waiting for a signal will not work, you already have the signals. 

Either an investor follows a lightly long stock position, 25 percent,  plus 75 percent in cash as in our Conservative Portfolio, or as in our diversified Aggressive Portfolio, 10 percent cash, 10 percent long gold and gold stocks, 7 percent short T-Bonds, 7 percent long the Dollar and 66 percent long various stocks and stock indexes. Two stock areas that we are over-weighting during this period are 1) Alternative Energy that has been pushed down on the heels of declining oil sector stocks, and 2) Biotech stocks that are down based on the general stock market decline.  These are politically based weightings.

8:00 AM CDT

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