It’s Over

The hype, the manipulation, the lies.

It’s a strange quiet morning. Is this how the market rolls over after all the turmoil since January 2018. It is almost like the election will just be a confirmation of a new world.

Could be. It would seem to me that if you are a baby boomer it would be wise to lighten up on your paper assets, you got lucky for this late period in your life.


Markets have to start reallocating resources, pushing FED influence aside, zombie companies have to go, the New Normal needs to arise

Real change in the economic growth picture will not come until the financial markets are weaned off government protection.

This is a painful lesson that the FED finds difficult to impart.

Currently the FED is tempted periodically to substitute its wisdom for the wisdom of the market. The result, the market will never be able to mature again and guide resource allocation. What the current FED does not seem to realize is that democratic free markets mean the FED does not have to take responsibility for everything

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