The Strategy is in Waiting Mode

Our View

For the many reasons we have elaborated on at length for almost the past two years, our Fracture strategy was keyed on the January 2018 Fracture event. Essentially we started with short positions and added to them based on weekly RSI readings on the S&P that were over 66.0.  What evolved was short positions that have grown. While our positions have been in the ETF’s SPXS and SQQQ the positions now equate to around a 2930 average on the S&P.

The periods when sell criteria were met were: January 2018, August – September 2018, May 2019, and now November – December 2019.

This is a long-term approach as plans to cover will equate to a RSI number below 22 on the Monthly data for S&P.


And the China ETF Chart, the Island price sell formation, is still intact.

And Brexit

It still has a good chance of not occurring. The people may prevail.

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