US companies’ tax windfall fuels record share buybacks.

Yahoo Finance headline today that tells a lot of the story of this economy.

US companies’ tax windfall fuels record share buybacks.

This is what we tried to warn against concerning the Trump Tax Changes, the fact that it would not finance growth, but rather buybacks.

It also is probably part of the reason bonds have been strong, if there is no growth, where should one put their money?

And Employment

And a answer that dawned on me yesterday as to why the employment numbers have been strong while incomes are stagnant.

I was home yesterday, talking with a friend for a few hours and people kept coming to the door dropping off little packages, Amazon purchases in spite of our attempt to not buy from them.   And I realized nothing is delivered by UPS or Fed-Ex anymore, just all these unidentifiable delivery people and nondescript SUV’s.  And then I remembered that 94 % of Temp and private contractors hired over the past two years have no benefits.


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