Make or Break Week, was it just a Dead Cat Bounce

The Verdict

The verdict is still out on the stock market rally since Christmas Eve 2018.  It has been impressive, but what does it say about the next 18 months.

Prognosticators out in Force

It seems that many want to express a view about what is going on at this point.

1) The recent Barron’s cover is pertinent to this.

2) The Goldman-Sachs view that came out over the weekend says Trump will win in 2020 because of the stock market.  Of course, what else would Mnuchin say?

3) The CNBC Wall Street poll which says that 70 % of those polled on Wall Street say that Trump will win in 2020.

So is it any wonder who is running things at the moment.

The Bigger Question, does any of this really mean anything goring forward, unless you are a Contrarian? 

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