So Far Nothing has Happened

It seems like the only thing we see these days on the economic front is hype, all talk no action.  No doubt we will see some action at some point, but until we get it and until we give it 90 days to start working, we all will have to be content with what we think will happen, not what is happening.  In that vein it seems to me that watching our two portfolio scenarios unfold gives us as much information as is available.

Here are updates on our two tracking funds through last Friday, 2/17/17.



This is the fund with a portfolio that our research indicates would profit with the success of the  Trump Economic Program. It has a portfolio of 20 ETf’s that span, stocks, bonds, commodities, oil, precious metals and currencies.  At the end of 5 weeks it is up 1.9 % and trailing the S&P 500.

CaptureECT 2-17-17



This is the fund with a portfolio that our research indicates would profit from a failure of the new Trump Economic Program. It has a portfolio of 15 ETf’s that span, stocks, bonds, commodities, oil, precious metals and curriencies.  At the end of 5 weeks it is up 2. 7 % and is also trailing the S&P 500.  (the insert on the chart refers to its high day of Feb 8)

EXTH 2-17-17

It is to early to make solid comparisons. No doubt when the de-regulation and infrastructure stimulus programs pass Congress, there will be some knee jerk rally’s , but the long term results will be more meaningful.  To date a simple position of long the NASDAQ index is providing the best performance.

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