Not in the Room, Regular People, Europe, and China

Market Apex

Today we get to see the APEX of the stock market.  As the Washington meeting between the corporate CEO’s and the Trump Fat Cat Cabinet is shown on TV, the real world sees that they are on the outside of this party.   And more likely on the outside of the policies of the new President whose goal is to send more money to the top.

Sickening CEO’s

And one more thing, it was sickening to see some of the CEO’s suck up to Trump, just based on CEO bluster, it would appear to me that CAT (Caterpillar), would be my number one short, maybe the D-12 will become the number one toy of the Warren Buffett’s as they level the country.

Tracking Funds

Our two Marketocracy tracking Funds ended up neck and neck last night, each up 2.1 percent since Jan 11.  Today could be where we see them pull apart.

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