Yellen has a Chance to be the only Adult in the Room

What we are talking about here is Washington and how buying power needs to be turned around and directed back to the beat – up consumer.  Because of who has the power, Trickle Down has never worked,  Trickle Up however has moved all the money up to unproductive assets.

We saw the Republican debates the other night, There were probably two out of the eleven participants who would even have a chance to change our economy positively.  Obama blew his chance, he tied himself to the Clintonites, so obviously Hillary will not change anything either.  The Democrats have to get in gear if they want to win, Elizabeth Warren has to be part of the ticket.

The grassroots have to take over.

So Janet, playing around with interest rates in the closet does not seem to be getting anything done.  Maybe this is where you risk your job, use your Bully Pulpit, and lean on the rest of Washington for structural Fiscal change with real tax reform that turns around the inequality story.  If nothing changes the FED will never raise rates during your tenure and you will be a one term FED Chairman.

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