Trump Blew It

If you have not had a chance to review portfolio charts in yesterday’s blog , do so.  We will be soon adding a subscription section in Portfolio where the makeup and changes will be followed as they occur.

Keep in mind that if the FED does not raise rates today, it is because QE3 didn’t work, the solution needed all along was FISCAL and the crowd debating last night is why that approach was not used.

All in all, the debate was a good diversion from FED talk.

Trump obviously didn’t realize why he was on top in the Polls, his ability to say it like it is, not his business successes.

Tax talk was interesting in general, now that wealth has been moved successfully to the top, they want to talk about flat and consumption tax plans.

In my opinion at least two should drop out as they are not up to the competition, Huckabee and Rubio.

Two definitely moved up in the competition,  Kasich and Fiorina.

Two stood out on sensibility, Paul and Kasich.

Two stood out on willingness to start a war, Fiorina  and Cruz.

Two more will drop out later as they are beside the point, Christie and Carson.

The two establishment picks, Bush and Walker, were boring and unconvincing.


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