Some Cracks, Trends Still Bullish

From time to time I will be adding some ETF trend indications that I monitor with technical indicators developed by us over the past 30 years and applied to some 140 ETF’s.  It should be obvious fighting the trend since last July, in spite of my personal long-term macro views, is tough on the mark to market portfolio value.   

When we implement the new website format that has been alluded to from time to time we will be including these technical indications on individual ETF’s.  Yesterday’s Goldman Sachs grilling should make it obvious that shorting has its place.  On this website you have seen the effects of shorting in our portfolios, both positive and negative over the past two years.  In any case, having information that will in effect allow you to trade you own hedge fund is our long-term goal.

At the moment the trend indications by category are:

ETF Values Sorted by   % Long / Short

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