Portfolio Performance Comparisons

 The chart below shows our Performance in the Marketocracy Tracking Portfolios that we have maintained since June 2002.  The chart is through March 31, 2010 and is on a quarterly basis, the green line being the S&P 500, the blue line is the Conservative Portfolio, and the red line is the Aggressive Portfolio.   


The Chart tells the story, our Portfolios made their all time highs in July 09 and have dropped sharply since, especially the Aggressive Portfolio.  The Aggressive Portfolio peaked at 1.8 times short leverage (180 percent short)  in November 2009 and is holding at that level.  The Conservative Portfolio peaked at 1.0 times short leverge (100 percent short) at the same time. 

With our Macro Contrarian approach we have had times that the comparisons between our performance and the market has lagged before, namely between September 2006 and December 2007 when we were early in putting on short positions for the building bubble but this time it is a much bigger deficit comparison. 

We will talk more this week on current market conditions and where we go from here.

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