Staying at Altitude…

I think you can set aside the soft and hard landing talk. We are still in the early stage of this flight may even go to a higher altitude than earlier anticipated. You can also probably ignore the melt up and crash crowd, the flight pattern has not been one that created that kind of risk.

Looking deeper, most people have missed the flight and cannot get on unless it lands first. So, the older ones are trying to get on the Gold flight, the younger ones are already on the Bitcoin flight. Maybe the only thing to occupy one’s time in the interim is the VIX, should be some volatility as counter measures are thrown at the flight. Gold and bonds will be used as a haven in the short term, the dollar will be taking some heat, but will hold a little under 100, maybe 97 area.

Digging deeper into analytics, the New Economy has thrown the big guys a curveball, it will be a long time before they get back to winning games.

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