Thinking about Things…

As the markets and all involved sit around today to see what the Powell and the FED are going to say it may be a good time to ponder a few things.

As we have been saying since the beginning of the first phase of the New Economy in June of 2022, while the consumer will always be a big part of the US Economy, the part that buys frivolous things is going to be less important. Economic strength will be flowing to the grass roots, and that will actually mean that they will be more aware of where they spend their money. Two great examples of that this year are Hasbro and Walmart.

Why go to Walmart when you can afford to go somewhere better.

Why buy more toys when all the backyards are littered with red and yellow plastic stuff.

So where is the money in the economy going, 1) to fix and build out a more modern infrastructure and 2) to build what is needed to combat climate change.

Just thinking…

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