Trading thoughts and A Shout out…

A shout out to President Joe Biden and the low profile Bidenomics approach that has given us this solid economy. He didn’t need to threaten the Fed or cut corporate taxes like Trump did to get the job done. Now he just needs to have some younger person tell the story of what happened, an aggressive messenger.

Trading Thoughts

With the market starting its move out of the base area to the more expansive area we are seeing that the big players are not well positioned. With that said, we will probably see gyrating activity:

  1. one day big buyers will be buying stocks they don’t own,
  2. another day they will be adding to the few stocks they do own,
  3. another day they will be trying to sell random stocks because they still don’t really believe this is happening to them
  4. Yesterday we saw them buying stocks they didn’t own, today in the first hour we are seeing a little random selling and them adding to the few stocks they do own.

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