Waiting, Waiting

I have been on vacation for a week, out of touch other than by radio, came back into town to look at the markets today. It is like nothing happened for a week, the rotation in the bubble continues, just getting a little tighter with the loops.

It is eerie, coming into town, people are supposed to be masked indoors, they are not, COVID is on everyone’s mind but few are doing anything about it other than getting fat. Thanks to my wife’s healthy cooking and the fact that since March 2020 we have rarely gone to a restaurant, and when we have it has been in widely spaced outdoor seating, I have dropped 20 pounds.

How will this all end for the market bubble and the COVID bubble. I do not know. So I will continue to wait, going back to nature for another week, will check in a week from tomorrow, unless I hear about something dramatic on the radio.

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