Google this, a Stock Market that sees no limits

What is behind this?

There seems to be no limit on speculative money spilling out of the government.  It seems like the lesson is, government deficits don’t count. Likewise the Federal Reserve balance sheet appears to have no limit funding operating squishiness.  And there is a reason the CFTC and SEC is looking into market manipulation and the ever active tweeter.

Of course the reasons are right out in the open for all to see..

It is a combination of the 2017 Trump Tax giveaway to corporations that has fed stock buybacks and a complicit Federal Reserve, albeit complicit under Presidential taunts and pressure.

And Yet Reality is right in our eyes..

The long Economic Cycle is coming to an end.  January 2018 was the start of a lengthy roll over.  See yesterday’s post on the pattern.

You will be the first to know..

We will let you know when the Macro Algo SELL signal is triggered.


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