Breakaway Happened Yesterday

We want to make America Great also, we just don’t think the means being planned are going to get the job done.

What Breakaway?

The performance comparison of our two main funds that we set up on January 11th to track the two possible directions. The EXTH fund is pulling away.

One is a portfolio that would follow a successful Trump economic rollout, Eureka Conservative “ECT” Fund

and the other set up with a portfolio that contains positions that should perform if the Trump plan doesn’t work, Eureka Extreme Hedge EXTH Fund.

See blogs for the past 5 weeks.

And if you want to take the easy road, the long Gold and long T-bond trade is still working, check out our December 21 comments.

Oh, one more thing.

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said that all we regular people have to do to see how well their program is working is to follow the Dow.  That is what we have been saying, all Trump is about is moving money to the top through the Stock Market.  Does he want the regular people to buy stocks at these levels?  And do not forget what we keep saying, the people in the cabinet and White House made all their money living off others, even had many bankruptcy’s, they never built an economic program that could help everyone.

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