Central Planners Play Week

Everyone will be getting involved this week. China, Japan, Europe, and the U.S.  The drive to keep free trading markets at bay continues.

That is translating into some Dollar strength, bounce up in the S&P, and sell off in T-Bonds and Gold. The effort to call a bottom in oil is and will be a continuing effort by major players.  This will continue until we see capitulation.

Points to watch in the markets during the coming weeks:

  1. S&P major resistance is at 1993,
  2.  the up and down ladder price levels are:    
  3. Up         1903  and  1993 ,   
  4. Down    1812,  1730, and 1627
  5. Dollar support continues at 95.50 area, the upside breakout remains at 101.60
  6. March T-Bond futures will continue to trade above the 162 recent upside breakout.

If the S&P Index settles into the trading area that the holdouts are pushing for, the 1903 to 1993 area, into the March FED meeting, we will probably see another interest rate hike.

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