A New Week, A Look at the Macro’s

Here is our view on the Macro Waves, the four descriptive labels available are:

( 1) Strongly UP,     2) Weakly UP,     3) Strongly Down,    4) Weakly Down )

Stocks  – Weakly UP

T-Bonds – Strongly UP   ( could see a relief sell off to 144 area, 148 currently)

Dollar – Strongly UP    (could see a relief sell off to 90.5 area, 94.5 currently)

Commodities – Strongly Down

Oil – Strongly Down   (relief rally to 61 dollar level in play at the moment)

Gold – Weakly Down

Portfolio Performance Update:

Note that the EAH Fund uses Wave Trend based positions, EGH Fund uses Wave Trend on all positions except stocks which uses Contrarian Wave Trend at this point.

Fund Performance-15

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