The FED is in a state of Disbelief…

Today’s 4.9 % GDP number has Powell talking to himself. The Atlanta FED has been saying that the economy is perking right along, while the smarty’s in Washington have been downplaying the story.

But, here it is, the New Economy has legs.

Here we have a Second Chance to get the new economy at bargain prices. The first chance was in June 2022.

What we have seen over the past couple of years is the much needed end of zero rates and government funding.

Now we will need to use a rolling value platform and keep rolling in the meat of the performance curve as this unfolds.

I think we are experiencing the early stages of a real economy. This will be an economy that has roots in real growth but will require corporate tax and monopoly law changes in order to reach its full potential.

More on that and climate investing tomorrow.

One Response to “The FED is in a state of Disbelief…”

  1. Eric Cartmen says:

    The real economy is classic Keynsian economics and not the neoliberal model initiated if not imposed by Reagan and discarded by Biden. It is not trickle down which is nothing more than the looting of the country. Now, if we can regain majorities and restore sanity in tax policy, the ship cn be righted for everyone and not just the 1 percent beneficiaries of the six tax cuts over the past 40 years that has transfer $50 Trillion from 90% of the populatrion to the very few at the top.

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