What our Climate Tech Model sees at this point..

Here are the allocations that the model sees at this point and the changes that have been made since last Thursday’s close.

Percent in Bio-Tech0.240.12
Percent in EV0.570.51
Percent in Chips0.380.16
Percent in Solar0.530.49
Percent in Russell0.860.57
Percent in Hedges0.00(1.12)
net leverage2.580.74 
  1. Figures are based on percent of account equity, i.e. negative numbers reflect net short positions in portfolio using 3X ETF’s, SPXS and SQQQ
  2. Model sees chips as wave one in the Climate Tech Revolution, they appear to have generally reached value for this stage of the wave with all the AI excitement.
  3. Long Biotech is not a major interest at the moment.
  4. EV and Solar have been fought by the general market through the whole past year and if one is too be long anything, that would seem to be the place to be. Model could be wrong on this part of the story, and if so it will use short SPXS and SQQQ ETF’s to make portfolio balance.
  5. The Model indicates that long Russell / Short S&P and Nasdaq configuration should be a fundamental overall lean for the next six months, portfolio is positioned as such.

And now for the vacation month of August.

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