Monitoring these factors…-

  1. Russell vs Nasdaq 100 RUT/NDQ Small caps continue to stage a turnaround against Big Tech..
  2. Trend of 30 yr rates vs 5 year rates continues upward, in an early economic growth mode..
  3. Average market interest rates continue to follow our curve forecast for higher rates into mid-June as growth moves forward..
  4. FED funds rate continues to be out to lunch, differential vs market rates pushing upward to +1.462 this morning, testing Thursday 4/6/23 high of + 1.482.

And one more thing..

My wife and I are starting to venture out more, trying to put extreme COVID precautions for seniors behind us, still mask in crowded indoor public places, but we are starting to go back to restaurants that we have enjoyed for many years. I mention this because when we ask servers that we have known for years, “what has changed?” the universal answer is, “not much, just the prices’. I see this theme dominating the economy as we go into another earnings disclosure season, there are enough jobs and money to allow entities, private or public, to maintain profit margins, albeit with probably an increase in consumer credit balances, but doable in the larger sense.

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