A New World is Evolving..

GDPNOW-Atlanta is forecasting 4th quarter GDP at +4.3 %. That is not recession territory. Traditional market players have had a difficult time handling the switch out of consumer tech to what I call Efficient Tech, it is about production of raw goods in a way that technology usage provides adjustment to climate change.

Over thanksgiving I had a chance to talk with 5 of our grandchildren, between the ages of 17 and 24 and in fields from education, website design for government and business, to agriculture production and communications. There is a lot going on and it is not related to designing games and retail experiences for Fortune 500 companies. It is about efficient means of producing our two biggest requirements as a nation, food and energy.

So, this week the big market players are trying to spin the recession story and how the FED is aiming to push the economy in that direction. No doubt if we have a decent employment report the CNBC crowd will be talking about the FED pushing rates higher again. Trouble is, for the FED, the dollar and rates have peaked and are rolling over. Again, I would expect good employment numbers, will be watching ADP on Wednesday for clues, but here is where we have the chance to push economic growth into the face of an out of gas FED.

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