Market Held…

We saw a fight at the double bottom of the data for the week of June 3 and Sept 30, and it held. This past week was one of a higher high and a higher low on the weekly S&P vs 2 year bond numbers. That is good enough for now as we watch the FED settle down and patiently watch inflation recede.

Sunday Night Sector Update..

Table below is as of the close on Friday. All the evidence you need to see what the “dark money” pools, that are synced with the FED, are doing.

TABLE 1 Sector Performance compared to end of inflation date of 6/6/22.

tABLE 2 Sector Performance compared to FED setup date 9/19/22.

They are trying to kill the New Economy stocks and push up inflation sectors. All this while it is clear that 9/27/22 was the end of the artificial market crash. Never before has a market crashed because the FED made a hugh mistake. Before it has always been the people doing stupid stuff.

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