Watching the Macro Top Confirmation Build

Today we are adding a little more detail to the picture in order to see a broad Macro confirmation pattern finalize.

This chart includes 10 asset factors, all indexed to 1.00 on February 24, 2021, which is the date that the final Top started building. Since then we have seen a lot of rotation, investors and traders moving around, selling bottoms and buying tops, but the sum total, we have been in the roll over since that date.

What you have here is a chart that includes the S&P, The NASDAQ 100, the Dow Jones, 30 year bonds, 10 year bonds, High risk bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Commodities, and Bitcoin, all equally weighted. This allows one to smoothly watch the pattern unfold.

We will keep tabs on this chart and update, a close below the lower channel line or a close below the May 19 level are on the list of important things.

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