Stop Leak

Back in the 50’s and 60’s your first car in high school had probably seen better days, even if you had dreams of it being the fastest car in high school.

One thing that was needed many times was stop leak, a magical ingredient that would stop the water leak in the radiator, giving you time to save money for a new radiator.

To me all the Stimulus talk is really nothing more than than an attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of the economy, not a new high horsepower engine. The data show that the stimulus mass that started in March peaked on August 7 2020, and a slow leak of production assets has transpired since,

This new compromise bill whenever it happens, the so called stimulus, has already been spent and the best that will happen is a slow limp down the road…

And the Bell Ringers

There seems to be three reasons the markets hold on here:

  1. Some traders actually think the economy is going to take off.
  2. Some traders think they will know when to get out of an overpriced market.
  3. Some traders actually think someone will ring a bell.

Timing Markers..

This week, probably later today, have to get a Christmas tree first, we will be posting some timing markers to maybe help with ringing the bell.

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