A Quiet, Vaccine kind of day

Probably the only thing going on today is behind the scenes.

In my opinion, and I am in the minority, but nevertheless, this market is not about a big coming economic expansion, but more importantly the hope of a big economic expansion.

Except for a few super bulls who think the S&P is going to 4600, the big money players are as amazed as anyone that the market is where it is. There problem is, trade volume has been decreasing since the last high volume day, a down day, September 4th. In fact the two big volume days in the Nasdaq 100 this year are February 26, and September 4th, both down days. What this means is that if you are a big player, you cannot get out. So far the big players saving grace is that they have convinced the little players to follow along.

Who will try to Sneak out first..

That is the story going forward.

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