Reality is about to Set In

The markets will come to the realization that the markets P/E multiples are not due to rapid growth but by funneled funny money.

We could see stock prices cut in half while at the same time having employment rise.

This is the Biden Hope Rally, this is not Global Reflation, this is manipulated hope…

In a sense this is will eventually be “you hit your head on the ceiling and woke up wondering what happened…”

Do you want to Feel Alone ?

  1. Either get hospitalized with COVID-19 when you are over 72 ..
  2. Or try to put on investments based on Real Final Demand.

Patience, Patience, Patience

This Macro continues to unfold, started on August 7th, November 9th, was a pivotal day, and a post election flag is arising out of that post.

We are watching China and emerging markets for clues outside the domestic post election euphoria. At this point the China MCHI ETF shows that it anticipated a post election bounce but now is fading. The emerging market ETF IEMG is on the other hand closely tied to the US and is acting the same as US stock markets.

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