It’s all about COVID, not Iphones

The excitement of last night surrounding Apple and other Tech stock earnings needs to be put into perspective. No doubt isolation helps the tech stocks but the whole picture with all stocks is more important. Staying alive is going to be the most important thing over the next year, not whether you have the latest iphone or Mac.

My limited research through friends and families and how they are acting these days boils down the where they get their information. If they watch FOX they tend to have their heads up their ass. If they watch CNN, PBS, or MSNBC they tend to have better info.

There is a lot of real COVID information filtering out this week and if I have time later today I may go into it. At the moment we are following the strictest protocol. While there is a story out there that this is going away, the fact is, the distribution of the virus is now more widespread than it was in March. It is moving everywhere and is waiting for the ignorant to do something stupid.

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