We have been here before..

In just the recent past, the January 31 to February 20 stock market move is a good example. Our current over the top period started on May 14, so with a little patience things will evolve. I am not making changes in positioning.

Mixed emotions..

Just listening to our kids, kids in the 40 to 50 age group basically, I don’t hear anything about hedging anything. That is not where their heads are, in their lives, the FED has bailed them out every time. Will this go on forever, probably not, but anything I say is, I think, viewed as old guy think. So for the family as a whole, this craziness is playing out well.

Is the Pandemic over ?

One would think so, even in the Chicago area, which is still not really opened up, there seems to be a prevalent disregard of precautions. What I am concerned about is six to eight weeks from now when we see 3 or 4 replications of the 14 day infection periods on top of each other. That is when we will see the real story in terms of the R 0 replication value.

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