Opposite Points on the Way Down

The Key Factor now is the Whitehouse’s Gross Mismanagement of the Pandemic Crisis

What should have happened and what will now happen late are..

  1. Nothing short of a National lockdown of the general population
  2. Complete diagnostic testing of all people in essential jobs, including immediate family. This means healthcare and food production and distribution.
  3. Next as quickly as available antibody serum tests should be done on these same groups.
  4. Then testing of the general population should commence.

As to investing, unfortunately until the market is priced to value, which I would say is 2450 on the S&P now and based on some forecasts, probably 1750 in the Fourth Quarter, you have no choice but deal with the new reality.

Today’s Trading

The first minor support area is in the area of 2635 on the S&P.

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