A Modern Day Hoover

As the World Watches..

As the world watches the United States become an entity not unlike many corporations, rather than being run like we were taught in grade school, a moral leader, we will know doubt see in real time how a poorly managed corporation becomes a puff in history.

Our President..

Just let me say first, he may  be very effective with average puff dog dictators around the world as they may operate on his level of immorality and power quest.

With that said,  in terms of economic management I think we must be careful in following too close behind someone who has had eleven bankruptcies.

The Fracture and Yield Curve charts are little changed from yesterday.  With the FED meeting today and tomorrow what is happening is a run up in the dollar to the Thanksgiving 2017 lows, a particular resistance point.  We are selling the dollar today.

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