The Theme – Protection

What Eureka-Perspective is about – Protection

It is always easy to get caught up in process or cause, I know it is easy and I do it too much.  Keeping it simple and accepting that economic policies around the world have not followed the free-market risk paradigm is a key factor in our approach.

Technocratic economists around the world have followed a prop up approach whenever a problem has popped up, especially over the past 30 years when computer power allowed them to manipulate the numbers and outcomes. This approach has been creeping towards trouble for many years and has finally gone off the cliff with the recent US Tax Cut Plan which moved in a big way the benefits to the top and the risk to the workers in this country.

Now we are financing a movement of money to the top through debt.  Ironically this step has been created by a non-economist cult, the supply-sider politicians, the perfect players in a major accident.  They have created an environment where the consumer is slowly strangulated and unable to buy the stuff the companies produce.

I believe that where this ends is in an inside out recession/depression, one not caused by high interest rates but one caused by bloated inventories on a massive scale, inventories that have no buyer.


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