Deep Disruptive Change Revisited

A Macro Revisit

The beauty of looking at life and markets in a Macro sense is that you have a lot of time in-between.  You might want to start todays comments by going back to two of our posts from last year, one on July 25, 2016 and one on September 29, 2016, a post titled “Trump and Deep Disruptive Change”.

The Result so Far

We are getting a Deep Disruptive Change but unfortunately the Change is going to Worse, not Better. This was always a known possibility and in a deeper sense it may harbor the roots of a major change in American Politics going forward, pushing the possibility that real positive change could occur.  France and its new government is now being led by a person outside of the major political parties, this could be a template for America.  Maybe both the Republicans and Democrats are creating their own death spiral.

What is Wrong 

Most of the Change so far has “Making the Country Better for the Moneyed Elite” rather than making the country better for its citizens and humanity in general.  This is a growing problem for the Republican Party. At the same time the Democrats are going down a path where their goals are for positive change but their players are either whiners or moneyed intellectuals with nary a real Program for making America better.

What does one do ?

People can protest, but the fact is a new political movement will need to step forward.  I would think it will be a young woman of morals and grit who really can get the job done. The baby boomers, of which I am one, have seemed to have blown it.

In the mean time, don’t forget Trump’s moral code is Money.  It might help in keeping your sanity, to use an investment plan that is flexible and looks at all market directions as its basis. Remember, the market can go up or down and there are ways to profit from either.  Our two tracking funds that we started back in January are telling a story.  One fund, ECT was designed to profit from the Trump Agenda. The other fund EXTH, “The Preservation Fund” for the lack of a better name, was designed to profit from problems in the Trump Agenda.  Until recently the Nasdaq has way outperformed both of the two funds as investors have flocked to the easy trade, buying Tech.  The past week, however has seen EXTH moved forward.  Many posts since January have described the makeup of these two funds,

See Charts here:



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