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Over the weekend I scanned seven pages of “The Great Divide” that I think tells the story well about how the nation got here with Trump.  Keep in mind this material was written in 2013 – 2014 well before all the second guessers came on the scene since November 8.  The material is in a subheading under the Editorial Comment section of our website Home page.

Tracking Funds

The four Marketocracy tracking funds we set up a week before the Inauguration have been tracking more or less sideways in a narrow range.  None have broken out in a meaningful way so far. The EXTH Fund which is basically a contrarian view of The Trump program is slightly ahead by 1.7 %.  The ECT Fund which attempts to follow the Trump Program is also positive by a little less at 1.1 %.  So we will just continue to follow the story and see which way to pile on once we see a breakout.

The Long Gold/Long T-Bond Trump Hedge Trade

This trade which we advocated on December 20, 2016 is doing ok so far.

The gold ETF GLD is up 7.7 % and the T-Bond ETF is up 1.0 %.  Gold is obviously a short term look at things, while the T-Bond is a very long term read on things.


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